Why another blog about science and religion?

Why another blog about science and religion? For thousands of years people thought about what science was, and still the debate is going strong. Many voices are living in the society, and many different opinions about the relation between religion and science are around.

But no one has given the final answer. A definitive answer has yet to be discovered. At least, if we look at the different opinions that are out there.

I define religion on this blog as Christianity, because I do not want to tell anything about religions like the Islam or Buddhism. I simply do not have the knowledge to say anything useful about that. This blog will therefore primarily be focused on religion in the christian way.

What do I believe? For starters, I believe in a God that created the earth in six (literal) days, and that on the seventh day he laid down and rested from his work. Second, I believe that mankind has fallen in the paradise, and that only little traces of knowledge and goodness are found in humans. Sin has a deterring function in society and in the lives of humans. Third, I belief in a God that has sent his Son to the earth to redeem mankind. I will not go further in detail about my faith, but I think this covers pretty well the basics.

This blog will primarily be written from a christian viewpoint, based on the above criteria. For me the Bible has absolute authority and I believe that it is Gods Word.

Good, enough about my viewpoints on that. What do I want to attribute to the debate about science and religion. First of all is it a search for knowledge and also an application of that knowledge to built a christian view on the relation of science and knowledge.

Second, my interests are within science, and I want to pursue a scientific career. My academic study leads me to uneven paths, in which I do not always want to follow, but where I sometimes have to set aside my own believes for an more ‘scientific’ approach (which by the way, I do not call science, but mainstream does it).

What can be found on this blog? I want to contribute to the fundamental debate about the science and religion debate. I know that this is philosophy, and that I do not know a lot about that, but in my opinion that makes me not less qualified to talk about those subjects. Second, I think that there is a big opportunity to explore a biblical model for science. Why? Because I think that everything is centered around the Word of God, and that means that there has to be answer to those questions.

There is more to say, but I will leave that for later posts.
Thanks for taking time to read this!


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