Why open access is needed in scientific creationism

English: A chart which shows the development o...
A chart which shows the development of Open Access from 1993 to 2009. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

One of the latest scientific trends is that  scientific insights should be available not only to top scientists, but also to the more general public. In the recent decade the number of open access articles has grown to become substantial and more journals are releasing articles that can be accessed for free.

The normal bussiness model for any scientific journal publication is that individuals or institutions have to pay to obtain printed or digital versions of published papers. Most of the articles (at least the ones I read) are still behind a pay-wall that does not allow other people to read it. Sometimes this is very frustrating, because when you need a paper you do not want to pay a 30 $ to get access.

In the first decade of the 21e century open access became booming business. As of now thousands articles are available for the general public to read. Several downsides to the open access model are known. Mostly the journals have a business model in which the author of an article has to pay for publishing. This could be a hurdle for independent amateurs who want to publish their research in peer-reviewed journals. I hereby link to a review that illustrates the many disadvantages and advantages of open accces to publishers and scientists and I won’t go into it.

And now I come to the central question of this post. Yesterday I was searching on the internet for papers about a particular field of scientific creationism that is called baraminology. Baraminology is a (pseudo) scientific theory which tries to fit existing organisms into specific categories that are called baramins. For example humans are a distinct baramin, as are the dog-like creatures.

It is a nice way to account for many of the differences and similarities that we see around us from a Biblical viewpoint. When I was searching for more detailed papers that describe the methods that are used to define baramins it was very diffucult to get those, and in most cases impossible.

I have to admit, scientific creationism is not that organised as mainstream science, but I think that a little more organizing and centralizing of resources is needed. One good example is the Answers Research Journal from which all articles are available online. A huge number of papers is published in the Creation Research Society Quarterly for which you have to pay. Although I think that there are good reasons to let people pay for those articles, it still limits the possibilities that interesting readers have to deepen their knowledge of – in this case – baraminology.

Todd Wood, who is from what I can see, the main scientist in this field has made several requests to biologists to take the concept of baraminology serious (Wood 2002; Wood 2003), but as of today I see only a few scientists that are involved in the debate about baraminology, which is unfortunate.

This post is therefore a distress signal to all people running around in creation land: please open your minds and become aware of the fact that open access to articles about scientific creationism is really needed.


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