Sadly my real name is going underground

Although I think that anonymity on the web is not promoting a fair and honest exchange of ideas, and I am inclined to say that I should make my name known to the whole world, I choose not to do that.

Since my childhood I was online and participating in various discussions and communities on the internet. The internet age has its grip on me and will never let me go.

Still, based on what I see around me on websites that promote Intelligent Design or Creation the comments are rather harsh, with of course some exceptions. I do not know what the future holds for creation science, and I do not know which path I will have to choose in my career.

Currently I am a graduate student, who aspires a get an academic career in genetics or biotechnology. Although I think that my beliefs about the origin of life and my belief in a literal version of genesis do not put constrains that career, others tend to disagree with that. It is written in the words of famous evolutionists that creationist should not aspire an academic career. The creationist movement is categorized as science deniers and are not worthy to get any scientific education.

I live in Europe. In the USA people are more open towards creationist beliefs, except on most secular universities. In the USA there is a discussion and 40% beliefs that creation is true and that evolution did not occur. In Europe people do simply agree for almost 100% with evolutionary assumptions and conclusions.

For creationists that makes it difficult to get a degree in science. I am striving to be a competent scientists as I can be, but I have to be careful with my internet presence. I do not want my career ruined because I proclaimed my beliefs and though open on the World Wide Web. Just for assurance, hereby my name is not public anymore.

I know the disadvantages, but I think that for me personally the advantages outweigh the disadvantages. When this blog still exists in the future and I know which choices I have to make for my further career I will review my decision again.

But for now I will stick to this format. Sorry for that, but sadly, I do not see any other way.


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