Biological Similarity – Why?

Being involved in a research project about genetics has is perks. At least I did get time enough to sleep, but things are finally slowing down. Last week I blogged about the statement of Richard Dawkins that there was only one game in town and that I had my reservations about the truth of that statement.

A lot of interesting things have happened in the scientific world since my last blogging effort. First I want to point at the continuing coverage at ENV and also on the blog of Larry Moran. I am still wondering why they are so upset about the results, because they imply nothing. In my opinion they even do not illustrate design. Perhaps the results illustrate that our Creator  made us really complex, but nothing more.

I was thinking about what design means for creation science. Everyone can see that across all kingdoms DNA is built up in the same way and that the genetic code is universal. But it’s more important to look at the genes themselves. We see that genes are mutated and observe diversification of genes between different species. An explanation from the perspective of creation science could be that God used the same building blocks, but modified them for a specific purpose in different organisms.

Furthermore I was thinking about why specific loss of function-mutants are found across the hominids. In both humans and chimpanzee are shared errors found which are the causal factor of pseudogenes. According to evolutionary theory this could easily be explained by common descent. Pseudogenes would be expected to occur in both humans and chimpanzees when they have a common ancestor.

How do creationists explain that? Several explanations are proposed, but no one has adequately explained the similarity between different unrelated organisms from a creation perspective. I was struggling with this question when I saw that Todd Wood has published a paper about this problem. He says that the problem of biological similarity is maybe the most important issue in creation biology. Furthermore he illustrates that similarity is easily explained by a creator, but that we would then expect the same pattern across all organisms.

As of now no adequate explanation is found which explains the striking differences in the degree of similarity between organisms. And that’s the problem on which creationist scientists should focus.

Why did our Creator allow specific patterns of errors between unrelated species which are in different baramins?

Any thoughts?


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