We will be there!

The future of creationism relies for the larger part on the next generation of creation scientists. No one would disagree with that. The Next Generation of Henry Morris, Wood and others has not yet risen. At least that is what the Natural Historian said on his blog in an article with title ‘The Next Generation of Creation Scientists‘.

Simply said the post is about why and how a young earth creation scientist is generated.  Education indoctrination is one, and that does not create scientists. Many creationist call themselves scientists, but they aren’t.

Scientists are people who strive to understand the (natural) world based on observations. To make sense of the world in a scientific way, one needs to be educated in.. yes.. science.

That’s important. Young Earth Creationists need to be challenged. When I am following classes about evolution and genetics, I constantly hear that the earth is created billions of years ago. The organisms have evolved from simple to more complex as man.

And it takes a considerable amount of energy to keep up with that. It’s not easy. It is not easy to attack well-known principles in evolutionary theory. But there are people who are trying to be good creation scientists and they can do that.

And when good scientists are formed, and the keep faith, they will become good creation scientists. But you’ve got to have strength. And you have to come up with the willpower to think critical. But the bottom-line is that this is not enough.

When I graduate I hope to continue my career in science, but at the same time I hope to   have my own family. And to become a good creation scientist you need to invest a lot of time and energy. And than the question is what are your priorities.

But there will be creation scientists in the future. Just watch. And they will built upon the foundations that Henry Morris and colleagues have placed firmly on the rock that is the Bible.

So there will always be creation scientists. I want to be one. And I know several other students in genetics who are willing to contribute to a creationist worldview.

And the key to get more creation scientists, is to heavily invest in science education. And be open as a community to criticism.


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