Stephen Jay Gould – 10 years after his death

During his life, a Stephen Jay Gould was one of the most prominent and known public figure who advocated evolution throughout his many books and articles that he wrote in a time span of thirty years.

His magnum opus was his book ‘The Structure of Evolutionary theory’, which is one long argument for a revised and extented form of evolutionary theory. Some critics thought indeed that it was a too long argument, and not all scientists were convinced by his arguments, but none of that matters when assessing the impact that he had on the field of evolutionary biology.

I can’t give my opinion about this book, because I only skipped through the summary of eighty pages long. This year in may, a conference was held about the scientific heritage of Stephen Jay Gould.

It should be fun and interesting to watch what actually is the impact that Gould did have on evolutionary biology, and even more interesting to know what fellow scientists think of his ideas, and to compare the progress of science in the past decade, with the original ideas of Gould himself.

All talks from that conference are now online, with thanks to T. Ryan Gregory. See the list below for online versions of the talks.

Telmo Pievani – Ten years without Stephen J. Gould: the scientific heritage

Niles Eldredge – Stephen Jay Gould in the 1960s and 1970s, and the Origin of “Punctuated Equilibria”

Alessandro Minelli – Individuals, hierarchies, and the levels of selection

Elisabeth Lloyd – Gould and adaptation: San Marco 33 years later

Gerd Müller – Beyond Spandrels: S.J. Gould, EvoDevo, and the Extended Synthesis

T. Ryan Gregory – A Gouldian view of the genome

Giuseppe Longo – Randomness increases biological organization

Marcello Buiatti – Biological complexity and punctuated equilibria

Ian Tattersall – Steve Gould’s intellectual legacy to anthropology

Guido Barbujani – Mismeasuring man thirty years later


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