Transposable Elements, Epigenetics, and Genome Evolution

As you all know I am interested in genomics and about how things work in the genome. And more importantly, in the diversification process that happened after God created the earth and subsequent diversification which happened after the devastating Flood.

One of the explanations is that transposable elements have played a big role in genome evolution and perhaps they can be the cause of the enormous diversification of species that we see in nature.

In the academic journal Science, in November an article was published that illustrates the profound impact that those little, but abundant genetic elements have on genome evolution. The author of the article said:

"It is becoming increasingly difficult to escape the conclusion that eukaryotic genome evolution is driven from within not just by the gentle breeze of the genetic mechanisms that replicate and repair DNA, but by the stronger winds (with perhaps occasional gale-force gusts) of transposon activity. The ability to evoke rapid genome restructuring is at the heart of eukaryotic evolvability—the capacity of organisms with larger and larger genomes to maintain evolutionary flexibility."

In fact, that’s what evolutionistJames Shapiro, and others have been saying for years. It is nice to see that science finally progresses towards a more accurate view of evolution.

But in the light of these findings and confirmations, it is becoming more and more interesting to be a young-earth creationist these days!


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