This blog is for me the way to express myself about – what I think – are important subjects. I see a lot of bashing creationists and evolutionist alike, and I suppose in the future this will also happen on this blog.

Let’s make it clear: I do not like bashing. I do not like personal attacks on people, because I belief that integrity brings the most value to the debate about religion and science. On this blog, in my writings I want to have that same standard applying to me. Comments are allowed on this blog, no point in disallowing that. But do know that I will not give always an answer, and if comments are personal, I will personally delete them without any remorse.

But let’s come to the point: What will I get from blogging? Nothing? Well, I would not have started this blog to get nothing, and even for me count that I have to get results from it. No, I do not do it for money. This blog is primarily written for myself. I want to voice some questions that desperately need addressing, and that are important for me. Moreover, this blog is a search for scientific arguments for a creationist worldview and against it.

That is the primarily goal of this blog and will always be (at least I think so) the case here.


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