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Tip of the day for creationists – not re-inventing the wheel,

Todd Wood draws our attention towards an interesting letter that was published in the latest CRSQ. I quote:

A couple issues back, CRSQ published an article by Bill Johnson titled “Biogeography: a creationist perspective,” in which the author failed to cite a number of pertinent creationist writings on biogeography but nevertheless lamented that “creationists have largely remained silent on the issue.”  In general, I found the article to be poorly written, overly basic, but especially unhelpful because Johnson seemed to be unaware of what creationists had actually written on biogeography.

In the newest issue a letter from Carl Froede is published writing that many creationists have already elaborated on biogeography and that this article is not new, but overlooked a substantial amount of creationist papers about this subject.

My opinion is not really relevant, because I never published anything,  but I have seen more articles that just did not investigate already published work. 

It’s scientific misconduct and should not be done.
This is something that creationists should always remember!